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Terry Gibbs, b. 1924

“He learned how to put a grin on music”, was how bassist Chubby Jackson put it.  Indeed, Gibbs’ (born Julius Gubenko) lively, ebullient sound has been energizing and delighting jazz fans for over 60 years.


He grew up in a musical family and became entranced by two musical innovations of the 1940’s, the recently invented vibraphone and Be Bop.  A list of Gibbs’ heroes, mentors, and partners would include nearly every bopper from Charlie Parker to Buddy DeFranco.  He cited Dizzy Gillespie as the artist who influenced him the most.


From his mammoth discography, the Impulse album TAKE IT FROM ME is an excellent sample of his work.

Gibbs is still on the roster of the jazz label Whaling City Sound and performed in “92 Years Young: Jammin at the Gibbs House” on their 2017 CD.


Photograph by Roger Kallins. Courtesy of Patricia Darlington.


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